Customer Testimonial from Jonathan, K. in Holmdel, NJ

We had a family of five groundhogs invade our property. We called Cowleys who came by and set up traps. I couldn't believe that two hours later there were four ground hogs trapped.  Matt cmae back, picked them up and reset the trap. We then called back about a half hour after Matt picked up the first 4, and let Cowleys know that the 5th ground hog in the trap.  The entire job was done in one day in the space of 4 1/2 hours!!! I am so happy with Matt.  He is awesome and did an outstanding job. It's obvious that Matt loves what he does. I also told Cowleys that I want to go ahead with the dig defense Matt had explained to me.

- Jonathan, K. of Holmdel, NJ
Wednesday, June 3rd
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