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Car Troubles? Rodents Could Be the Culprit!

Monday, January 27th, 2020 by Bill Cowley


Car Troubles? Rodents Could Be the Culprit! - Image 1

From transmission issues to new brake pads, the cost that comes with problems under the hood ignites dread in millions of Americans every year. Did you know that rodents could also be the cause of your car troubles? Right as we’re in the midst of winter, Cowleys is warning that the cold weather could be driving rodents inside vehicles.

Most people think of a rodent infestation as something that happens in the home, not in their car. The fact is, cars and trucks offer a warm place for mice and rats to nest during the winter. Modern automobiles are also made of plant-based wirings, such as soy, which offers an appetizing meal to a very hungry mouse.” 

Car owners must recognize the signs of rodent activity in their vehicle before the damage gets too severe. Some common signs of activity include gnawed upholstery and insulation, chewed wires near the engine and droppings scattered underneath the hood. Those who park their vehicles in rural areas or alleyways and sewers, as well as those who leave their car outside and unused for long periods of time, are at a higher risk for an infestation.  

Practicing proper prevention techniques can help drivers avoid a costly repair bill. It’s important to keep vehicles free of any used napkins or fast food bags that can provide nesting materials for rodents and that any leaks inside the vehicle are properly addressed, as this water source could also attract pests.

We also recommend eliminating any entry points to the vehicle and regularly checking under the hood for signs of rodents. If a rodent infestation is suspected, take the vehicle to a mechanic or call a licensed pest professional for assistance in the home.