Spring into Action to Prevent Summer Pests

Pest control technician in bee protective suit

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national, non-profit organization that provides resources for community property managers, homeowner associations, and the many businesses that service community associations (including pest control!) to foster vibrant, responsive, and better community associations. New Jersey’s chapter of The Community Associations Institute (CAI-NJ) with over 1,600 members, has the proud distinction of being one of its largest state chapters. The CAI-NJ actively enhances the quality of community association living through education, legislative advocacy, and professional development. One of the most important resources for its members is Community Trends®, CSI-NJ’s monthly magazine that provides pertinent information on a wide range of community association issues, including articles submitted by community association professionals and service providers on a host of topics. 

For the April 2018 issue of Community Trends®, Randy Vogel, Cowleys VP of Operations, submitted an article to give property managers a thorough overview of the inevitable onslaught of summer pests and the preparatory, preventative steps that should be taken during the spring. Randy discusses the major pests that, for community property managers, are the bane of their existence – termites, wood-boring “carpenter” insects, and ticks and mosquitoes. Randy felt that that was an important topic for CAI-NJ members. After a long winter dealing with pretty much with mice and other overwintering pests, spring temperatures will trigger yet another cycle of crawling, flying, and digging insects that destroy property and are complaint-generators from unhappy residents. Randy’s article was meant to give a gentle prodding to property managers that it’s that time to move pest control preparation from the back burner to the front burner.

Link to read full article - page 22.


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