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Protect Your Home from Common Summer Pests

Monday, June 8th, 2015 by Bill Cowley

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As you settle into summer’s more relaxed routine, don’t forget to stay vigilant to protect your home from unwanted pests. Pests are more than a nuisance. They can transfer a host of diseases by bites or even by just landing on your food. They can also cause damage, reducing your home’s value. Fortunately, this summer, you can help keep your home pest free by taking a few simple, precautionary steps.

  1. Check your screens for rips, tears, and holes. There’s nothing better than a cool breeze coming through your windows on a perfect summer night. However, if your screens are compromised, there’s a good chance that something more than you bargained for will be riding along with that breeze. For pests like ants, bees, mosquitoes, a small hole is an open invitation. Even field mice with a few hitchhiking ticks can enter your home through a broken screen. Also check the screens around your attic vents or you may find yourself with flying nuisance wildlife like bats and birds swooping in and out of your attic.
  2. Clean up spills immediately. Some of the tastiest summer picnic foods are also the messiest. Cutting into a large, juicy watermelon always seems to leave sweet, sugary juice on the counter. Soda, lemonade and Popsicle spills can also attract all sorts of pests. Ants are drawn to sweet liquids, but they are not the only pests that love a tasty spill. Cockroaches, mice, and flies, to name a few, are drawn to food left out on counters. When these spills happen outside, yellow jackets and other biting insects are never far behind. By cleaning up spills quickly, you will drastically reduce the chance of inviting a pest infestation.
  3. Pick up after picnics. Summer is a wonderful time to dine al fresco. Enjoying time with family and friends while eating on a deck or patio is always special, and nothing says summer like a wonderful meal cooked outside on the grill. However, to limit your outdoor gathering to invited guests, immediately clean up your food scraps. Food residue that is left on the grill or that has fallen through the grates is often overlooked. While unappetizing to us, food waste that is left on your patio or deck is prime cuisine for scavenging wildlife like raccoons and opossum. And after moseying on over to your home, they may decide to stay even longer, taking up residence wherever they can find access, like under your deck or in your attic.
  4. Change the water in your birdbath. Birdbaths, a wonderful addition to your garden, help attract beautiful birds to your yard and keep those birds hydrated. Unfortunately, birdbaths are also a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Make sure that your birdbath does not double up as a mosquito nursery by change its water at least once a week. Besides birdbaths, check for any standing water on your property. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of standing water to drop their eggs. And once mosquitoes start breeding, their population rises quickly. One mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs, and they only take about two weeks to complete their maturation.

By following these suggestions, you’ll help keep at bay common summer pests around your home. However, we sometimes find ourselves struggling with a pest invasion despite taking all the precautions. Don’t panic! Give Cowleys a call. We’ll quickly get rid of the pests, and fix any underlying problems to reduce the chance of future infestations in Dayton, NJ and the neighboring areas.