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Scott O'Shea

Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Pest Control Technician

Hometown: Lake Como

Scott O'Shea from Cowleys Pest Services

Scott, a Lake Como resident, joined Cowleys in 2019 as one of our pest control technicians. Scott was seeking a close-knit family-run pest services company where he could be given increasing responsibilities and a variety of assignments with a growing, innovative company. Scott decided that Cowleys was the right fit, and already, we've seen the groundwork for a great working relationship with us and our customers. 

Scott comes to us as a licensed NJDEP commercial pesticide applicator with his Core certification. He will be able to re-certify for two key Category certifications once he has the requisite OJT hours: the 7A certification for general and household pest control, and the 7B certification for termites & other wood-destroying insects. He enjoys servicing both residential and commercial accounts.

Scott is a military veteran, proudly serving in the “The Big Red One” of the U.S. Army, otherwise known as the 1st infantry division. Formed to fight in WW1, it is the army’s oldest continuously serving division. He was stationed in Germany for three years and spent over a year serving in Iraq.

Scott comes to us with a varied background, not only working in law enforcement and security but also in the culinary field. Graduating from culinary school and managing a popular Italian restaurant in South Carolina. Needless to say, Scott is focused, serious, and unflappable. The most challenging pest infestation to come his way doesn’t stand a chance.

Scott loves being outdoors and active, the immediate feedback of helping someone with a problem, and the independence of working one-on-one with customers. Scott has an exceptionally fast learning curve, is a team player, gets along well with everyone. He is thorough, methodical, and conscientious.  In a nutshell, Scott has all of the traits and work habits we look for in our technicians.

When not working, Scott enjoys spending time with family and friends, and rumor has it that he knows his way around a pool table. With his hand-eye coordination, it’s not surprising that Scott is also an expert marksman and loves to play video games. Scott works hard to stay in shape and has been involved in martial arts for over a decade. Earning his black belt in Tae-Kwan Do was one of his proudest achievements.

Over the upcoming months, Scott looks forward to meeting many of our customers and handling all of their pest control needs.

from customers I've helped!
  • "Scott and Drew" Read Full Testimonial

    Phillip M. of Monroe Township, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              did a great job. They addressed any questions or concerns I may have had. Excellent work!
    Phillip M.
    Monroe Township, NJ
  • "SCOTT DID A THOROUGH INSPECTION..." Read Full Testimonial

    Richard W. of Toms River, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              VERY PLEASED!
    Richard W.
    Toms River, NJ
  • "Scott is.." Read Full Testimonial

    Juan S. of Toms River, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              The best!
    Juan S.
    Toms River, NJ
  • "Scott is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tony & Donna C. of Toms River, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Thorough - Knowledgeable - & Professional
    Tony & Donna C.
    Toms River, NJ
  • "Scott is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Charles S. of Manalapan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              wonderful! He is attentive, thorough and careful when he is here.
    Charles S.
    Manalapan, NJ
  • "Very good and quick service! Very professional!" Read Full Testimonial

    Chris C. of Jackson, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Very good and quick service! Very professional!
    Chris C.
    Jackson, NJ
  • "Scott was very thorough and found several ant nests. I called him the Ant Whisperer! :-)" Read Full Testimonial

    Nancy M. of Marlboro, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Scott was very thorough and found several ant nests. I called him the Ant Whisperer! :-)
    Nancy M.
    Marlboro, NJ
  • "My husband and I believe in word of mouth recommendations. When we needed an exterminator in Ocean county we..." Read Full Testimonial

    Rosemare S. of Lavallette, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              My husband and I believe in word of mouth recommendations. When we needed an exterminator in Ocean county we asked the company we use up north for a recommendation. We were given Bill Cowley's number. Speaking with Bill immediately put us at ease and we knew we were in good hands. Just how good we didn't realize until after meeting the gentlemen who came out to work on the house (no matter how good an owner is the techs are what make or break a company). Our first visit was by Jim. My husband and I were floored by his knowledge, professionalism and thoroughness. Today Scott and Dan came for a follow up and were equally impressive and skilled. We couldn't believe that 3 techs in a row were all so spectacular! This company is top tier and worth every penny. Can't say enough good things about the company, techs, owners, manager Tamara and the people in the office (who were all so patient with my million and one questions). A great company!!!
    Rosemare S.
    Lavallette, NJ
  • "Scotty was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Alan K. of Farmingdale, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              professional, timely and did a great job in assisting us.
    Alan K.
    Farmingdale, NJ

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