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Tom Reilly

Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Wildlife Technician

Hometown: Belmar

Tom Reilly from Cowleys Pest Services

Tom has been with Cowleys since 2016, and is a wildlife technician in works in our Wildlife Division.

Tom moved to New Jersey from Key West, Florida, where he worked in construction. Tom was a carpenter and framer as well as a heavy equipment operator. At Cowleys, Tom has been a quick study learning the ins-and-outs of wildlife, and his construction background comes in handy when exclusion and repair work needs to be done after the critters are trapped and relocated.

Tom enjoys the challenges of being a wildlife technician and loves working outdoors, no matter what the weather. When asked about one of his memorable assignments, Tom mentioned a job where he needed to reach a roof for a squirrel infestation, and climbed to the top of a 40’ ladder. He found a nest with a few furless and helpless kits – along with the mother squirrel. The mother did not appreciate his unannounced visit, and jumped right on his leg. Tom passed his wildlife initiation with flying colors. He kept his cool, did not overreact, and stayed on the ladder. 

In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing the drums, playing sports, especially softball, hockey, and Frisbee, and, most of all, supporting his daughter’s passion for singing.

Customer Reviews
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  • By Cynthia M.
    Edison, NJ

    "I live in a condo in Edison, NJ. The property management company selected Cowley's to inspect & remove Raccoons from the..."

    Customer Review

    By Cynthia M.
    Edison, NJ

    I live in a condo in Edison, NJ. The property management company selected Cowley's to inspect & remove Raccoons from the attic area. Tom Reilly was the wildlife technician that came to the call. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and attentive to my concerns regarding the animals in the attic. He explained the process to me step-by-step which made me feel that he had the problem under control. Tom's follow-up was exceptional! When one of the baby raccoons died in the wall, Tom worked with his colleague Zach Kutz who immediately came to the scene to assist. Both men were amazing! They worked together to successfully retrieve the animal and fumigate the area. I work in the customer service business and know what exceptional customer service looks like. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Tom & Zach for a job well done! Based on my experience working with Tom & Zach I will recommend Cowley's to anyone that needs a pest service company to solve a pest or wildlife issue in their home. Thank you!!! C. Martin

from customers I've helped!
  • "Tom was knowledgeable about the birds..." Read Full Testimonial

    Valerie H. of Bayville, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Nesting in our home and allowed me to decide what should be done about the nest rather than decide for me.
    Valerie H.
    Bayville, NJ
  • "I want to let the office know how nice and informative both James B and Tom R with the raccoon service they..." Read Full Testimonial

    Joan O. of Toms River, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              I want to let the office know how nice and informative both James B and Tom R with the raccoon service they are currently doing.
    Joan O.
    Toms River, NJ
  • "Thomas is awesome......" Read Full Testimonial

    Phyllis B. of North Brunswick, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Not only is Tom knowledgeable about his job, but he literally stops in when he gets here to inform us he is on site and provides us several updates when he's on the property and about the work tickets he is here for. He is courteous and friendly and an asset to Cowleys. We love it when he is assigned to our property. He is the consummate professional and shows passion for his work.
    Phyllis B.
    North Brunswick, NJ
  • "I'm very happy with the service provided by Tom Reilly and Zach..." Read Full Testimonial

    Deborah P. of Freehold, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              They enlightened me on some facts that I was not aware of. I'm happy to have them here!
    Deborah P.
    Freehold, NJ
  • "Tom was very efficient, courteous..." Read Full Testimonial

    Jeff S. of Matawan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              A very knowledgeable. He cleaned up all the debris from the areas he worked on.
    Jeff S.
    Matawan, NJ
  • "Tom Reilly is a personable, reliable, efficient technician who is a credit to your business." Read Full Testimonial

    Jane B. of Colts Neck, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Tom Reilly is a personable, reliable, efficient technician who is a credit to your business.I appreciate the services that Tom Reilly rendered. He is a personable, reliable, efficient technician who is a credit to your business.
    Jane B.
    Colts Neck, NJ
  • "I could not be more happy and pleased with Cowley's and their outstanding customer service..." Read Full Testimonial

    Patrick M. of Hazlet Township, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              I could not be more happy and pleased with Cowley's and their outstanding customer service from beginning to end with the technician Tom R and Denise in the office.
    Patrick M.
    Hazlet Township, NJ
  • "Our thanks to your company" Read Full Testimonial

    Pat T. of Monmouth Beach, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Our thanks to your company and especially to Tom Reilly who was very professional and just great in solving our squirrel problem. He's a tribute to your company!!
    Pat T.
    Monmouth Beach, NJ

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ
    Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ

    Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ

    Raccoons, although they walk on all fours like most mammals, have human-shaped paws with thumbs, not to mention razor-sharp claws. Because of their anatomy, these animals are amazingly good climbers. They are able to climb and walk on a much steeper roofs than we can. Unless you are a skilled rock climber, most of us regular folks have limited grip strength relative to our body weight, and none of us have a nice set of claws to dig into materials. 

    This wildlife job for a homeowner in Kendall Park, NJ was particularly tricky, and it took some extra planning because of this home’s steep pitched roof. To make matters even more challenging, there wasn’t much  space between the house, and the ladder angle was a bit steeper than I would have liked. To solidly secure the ladder, I was able to ”foot” it right up against the bottom of the fence, so it would not "kick out" while I was on it.

    Buttressed by the fence, this ladder would not budge on inch, and I had plenty of of security to work with my hands off the ladder without worrying about whether it would move while I was on it. I installed a “positive” set up. With this type of set up, any animal has no choice but to go through the trap, no matter if it's coming or going from the home. 

    The raccoon was soon trapped, and I safely relocated him far away from any human habitats. After trapping the trespasser, I closed off the access into the home in order to prevent any further wildlife intrusions. All in all, this was a satisfying job with a great resolution and a very happy homeowner who could now enjoy his home without sharing it with a destructive raccoon!

  • Raccoon exclusion gives homeowners peace of mind in Bayville vacation home
    Raccoon exclusion gives homeowners peace of mind in Bayville vacation home

    Raccoon exclusion gives homeowners peace of mind in Bayville vacation home

    I was dispatched to a summer home in Bayville for a possible wildlife infestation. The homeowners, while in the process of closing the home and heading back to their permanent residence, heard wildlife noises in the chimney. After investigating the situation, I determined that there was indeed wildlife. At least one raccoon was using the chimney for shelter. Raccoons may look cute, but they are the primary carrier of rabies in New Jersey and can be aggressive. Most likely, the chimney was being used by raccoons as a temporary shelter, and was not its "regular" shelter. Raccoons often avail themselves of numerous rest areas, selecting them near food and water sources. According to wildlife experts, a raccoon can occupy a ten-mile radius of territory.

    I set two traps on the roof and placed silver metallic tape over the gaps in the chimney top. I use tape as a signal. I’ll know the raccoon has left an enclosure like a chimney if the tape is broken, and often I’ll find animal fur stuck ago the tape. Good news! After four days, the tape had not yet been broken. This was more than enough evidence that the raccoon was not in the chimney a at the I had set up the traps and put on the tape. Since any raccoons were long gone, I removed the traps and the tape. Before leaving, I wanted to be sure that raccoons or other wildlife would be excluded from the chimney by placing hardware cloth over the chimney holes. Now, with the exclusion in place, wildlife will no longer be able to access the home through the attic. 

  • Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic
    Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic

    Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic

    Usually, raccoons are messy creatures that leave behind plenty of evidence of their activities to indicate how they managed to break in to someone's home. Raccoons are large animals that can weigh up to twenty pounds, and usually, it doesn’t take much effort to find the hole used to gain access inside the home. However, this particular job in Lakehurst was one in which the point of access into the attic wasn't so obvious. 

    During my attic inspection, I saw raccoon droppings, which are fairly large like dog poo. If you see berries in the poo, you're pretty much guaranteed that it was deposited there by a raccoon. And, whatever you do, don’t touch it! Their waste may have raccoon roundworm that can be transmitted to people, causing a host of serious problems, including blindness. Also, insulation had been pushed down and moved. So, I knew that I was dealing with at least one raccoon, but where and how entry was made was not immediately clear. I searched the exterior perimeter of the house looking for the usual entry points. Often, weaken soffits and fascia boards are used by raccoons to gain entry. There was no indication of any breach. I was determined to determine how these little rascals where gaining access. I then checked a less usual entry point, the attic fan in the middle of the roof. Sure enough, something was amiss. The fan’s mesh liner that acts as a barrier to prevent things from getting in, was visible. Something strong had grabbed it and pulled it off. 

    I knew that I was “in the zone” and inspected more closely. I saw distinctive raccoon paw prints,and scratch marks on the metal flashing around the attic fan. Raccoon tracks are very distinctive from other nuisance wildlife. These animals have five long splayed toes with small sharp claws. Their tracks are asymmetrical  and resemble small human hands. Their front tracks having a crescent-shaped palm pad and their hind tracks have a long heel pad. There were also raccoon droppings on the roof in the area of the fan. 

    I placed an exclusion (an attic fan cover with a raccoon exclusion built into it), over the attic fan. I also set two traps next to the exclusion. This setup will ensure that any raccoons have a one-way trip out of the attic. I expect to quickly and safely capture this wildlife. After, I will release them far away from human habitats where they can live out their lives in peace. Wildlife is wonderful, but wildlife infesting a home can not only cause significant property damage, but is also poses significant health risks. Raccoon urine and droppings carry many dangerous pathogens, and these sometimes vicious biting animals are the primary carriers of rabies.

  • Bird spikes to keep birds away from home in Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Bird spikes to keep birds away from home in Monmouth Beach, NJ

    Bird spikes to keep birds away from home in Monmouth Beach, NJ

    A homeowner in Monmouth Beach, NJ, a small beach community at the Jersey Shore contacted Bird Solutions By Cowleys because of a serious nuisance bird problem. This homeowner, who lived right on the water, had seagulls anding on his roof, depositing their prodigious waste everywhere. Because of the location of the home, the roof was a perfect spot for the birds to roost and nest, and these high structures help them stay on the lookout for food and predators. Gulls are attracted to human habitats because they are opportunistic scavengers that will consume virtually anything.

    Seagulls are protected migratory birds. Should these birds become a nuisance on your property, it’s all about setting up deterrents on your property to create a hostile environment for them. The objective is simple: You want the birds to “voluntarily” abandon your property and move on elsewhere. Because gulls nest in coastal regions, they are quite common along the Jersey Shore, and they often become one of the biggest bird nuisances for homeowners who live in Monmouth Beach and our other coastal towns. These birds eat far more than aquatic life. They are  In their search for food, when not in parking lots or garbage dumps, they are often attracted to roofs and other high structures. These are safe sites for them to roost and nest, and it gives them a great vantage point to stay on the lookout for food and predators.

    Their droppings can cause significant property damage. Their thick white paste contains acidic uric acid, which is strong enough to dissolve shingles and sheathing. It can easily disintegrate roofing materials enough to cause roof leaks. Also, birds nesting in drains and gutters can block water drainage and lead to dangerous standing water on the roof. 

    Because bird droppings contain parasites and other pathogens, they are also a serious health hazard. They are attracted to waste sites, eating garbage containing sewage or medical waste. They can transmit these pathogens in their droppings. That alone is a good reason to not have gulls hanging around your home.

    A two-crew team from Bird Solutions carefully installed approximately 1700 bird spikes on the peaks of his roof. The photos show the “before and after” of the spike installation. Without a place to land, the birds soon give up and look for a more hospitable place to land. For these birds, there is no shortage of places to “hang out.” Effective bird control lets them know that your home is off-limits.

    The Monmouth Beach homeowner was pleased to finally have these gulls vacate his property. Sea gulls are a potential nuisance in any coastal community. However, it is not something that homeowners have to tolerate.