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Before and After Pictures from Lakehurst
Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic

Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic

Before After
Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic Raccoons find way into Lakehurst attic

Usually, raccoons are messy creatures that leave behind plenty of evidence of their activities to indicate how they managed to break in to someone's home. Raccoons are large animals that can weigh up to twenty pounds, and usually, it doesn’t take much effort to find the hole used to gain access inside the home. However, this particular job in Lakehurst was one in which the point of access into the attic wasn't so obvious. 

During my attic inspection, I saw raccoon droppings, which are fairly large like dog poo. If you see berries in the poo, you're pretty much guaranteed that it was deposited there by a raccoon. And, whatever you do, don’t touch it! Their waste may have raccoon roundworm that can be transmitted to people, causing a host of serious problems, including blindness. Also, insulation had been pushed down and moved. So, I knew that I was dealing with at least one raccoon, but where and how entry was made was not immediately clear. I searched the exterior perimeter of the house looking for the usual entry points. Often, weaken soffits and fascia boards are used by raccoons to gain entry. There was no indication of any breach. I was determined to determine how these little rascals where gaining access. I then checked a less usual entry point, the attic fan in the middle of the roof. Sure enough, something was amiss. The fan’s mesh liner that acts as a barrier to prevent things from getting in, was visible. Something strong had grabbed it and pulled it off. 

I knew that I was “in the zone” and inspected more closely. I saw distinctive raccoon paw prints,and scratch marks on the metal flashing around the attic fan. Raccoon tracks are very distinctive from other nuisance wildlife. These animals have five long splayed toes with small sharp claws. Their tracks are asymmetrical  and resemble small human hands. Their front tracks having a crescent-shaped palm pad and their hind tracks have a long heel pad. There were also raccoon droppings on the roof in the area of the fan. 

I placed an exclusion (an attic fan cover with a raccoon exclusion built into it), over the attic fan. I also set two traps next to the exclusion. This setup will ensure that any raccoons have a one-way trip out of the attic. I expect to quickly and safely capture this wildlife. After, I will release them far away from human habitats where they can live out their lives in peace. Wildlife is wonderful, but wildlife infesting a home can not only cause significant property damage, but is also poses significant health risks. Raccoon urine and droppings carry many dangerous pathogens, and these sometimes vicious biting animals are the primary carriers of rabies.

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Case Studies From Lakehurst
This homeowner in Lakehurst had a raccoon infestation in his attic after one of these “masked bandits” gained access through an opening...
Job Stories From Lakehurst, NJ
DIY efforts fail to eliminate bed bugs in Lakehurst, NJ

I was dispatched to an apartment unit in Lakehurst to treat a bed bug infestation. Bed bug infestations are particularly common in apartments and other high density living arrangements like dormitories and nursing homes. Simply put, the more people coming and going, the more chance there is of a hitchhiking bed bug finding its way inside. In these cases, it is important to pounce on a bed bug problem quickly, so the infestation stays localized to specific areas and does not spread.

A thorough bed bug inspection must be systematic from top to bottom. During this particular inspection, I found something unusual: There were bed bugs congregating in the corners of the ceiling! Of course, bed bugs can hide anywhere and everywhere, but their favorite spots are those small, tight locations in and around bedding and other upholstered furnishings — those locations where its human hosts are resting or sleeping when its time for their blood meal.

During my initial conversation with the tenant, he told me that before he reported the problem to property management, he had attempted to self-treat the infestation himself. Often, as was the case here, DIY attempts make matters worse. All of those home remedies for getting rid of bed bug infestations googled on the Internet, from spraying isopropyl alcohol to spinning diatomaceous earth are ineffective. Customers wind up wasting money, and, even worse, lose valuable time, allowing the insect population to grow and spread, becoming even more entrenched. Those in the pest control business know of far too many horror stories of chemical poisoning because of people using the wrong type of pesticide, including products prohibited for indoor use, using too much pesticide, or applying it improperly. For example, certain products can cause skin reactions and should not be applied to mattresses.

In this apartment unit, the bed bugs exiled themselves to the ceiling because the tenant decided to self-treat with boric acid (see pic of product along with a few dead bed bugs). My partner technician and I explained to the tenant that self-treatment can pose a potential health hazard, and applying applications inside a home, without any training and technical understanding of how to do so, can be extremely dangerous. I explained that boric acid, another favorite Internet home remedy, was ineffective for bed bug control. Boric acid is a desiccant that dehydrates insects. If used at all, it should be limited to cracks and crevices to minimize inhalation risk. The boric acid pushed the bed bugs up into the corners of the ceiling, making the problem worse not only for himself, but also possibly spreading the infestation to other units.

I vacuumed up as much of the boric acid away from the baseboards as I could and then applied the correct professional treatment to get rid of this troublesome infestation.

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No Name Provided Lakehurst, NJ
Requesting an estimate for removal of wasp nest. Office gave price. Customer does not state if he will call back. Number from ID.