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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Hightstown and nearby NJ. From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Hightstown, NJ home.

At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed.

Business & Home Pest Services We Offer in Hightstown:

  • Bedbug Extermination
  • Termite, Flea and Tick Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Ant, Beetle, Spider, Insect Control
  • Tick Control Services
  • Pest, Bird and Animal Control Services 
  • Expertise and Technical Know-How to Fix Your Pest Problem
  • Financing Available
  • Written Estimates and Inspections
Case Studies From Hightstown
I was dispatched to a residential unit in the Wycoff’s Mill development in Hightstown to resolve a squirrel infestation in the attic. Squirrels...
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Termites swarm in Hightstown

I was called upon to treat a termite problem at a house in Hightstown. Termite damage often remains hidden until there is extensive damage to the home. However, there are two important earlier signs of a termite infestation that homeowners should be aware of. One is the mud tubes formed by termites so they can move from the nest to the wood food source without being exposed to the elements. the other sign of termite trouble, and by far, the more visible of the two, is termite swarms. This homeowner went through the frightening experience of witnessing a termite swarm take place inside his own home.

What are swarmers? Swarmers (flying termites), also known as winged reproductives, belong to a termite colony along with the workers and the queen. They emerge during the spring to search for mates in order to start a new colony. As soon as they mate, they break off their wings. Since termites are attracted to light, homeowners may find piles of termite wings on windowsills or on countertops near light sources. When a termite colony swarms, thousands of winged termites are potentially released. They may enter homes from the underground colony through cracks in the slab construction. Even though nearly all swarmers will die if they emerge inside a structure, it’s still important to contact a termite pest control professional immediately. An inside swarm like the one experienced by this homeowner is a sure sign that there is a hidden termite infestation on the property.

As part of my inspection, I had to determine where these invading insects had entered the home, so I could treat the soil where the termite nest had formed. At the base of a wall in the laundry room, I found a plumbing clean-out pipe. These pipes are used to access the home’s sewer line to clear out clogs. Right next to the pipe, I discovered a termite mud (shelter) tube in the wall void. That was how these sneaky wood-devouring insects were finding their way into the home!

Now it was time to get rid of these property-destroying insects. To eradicate the termite colony, I first needed to drill a small hole through the laundry room floor to gain access to the ground area where a termite nest was buried below. I then injected a powerful termiticide into the soil underneath the slab to reach the termites using a slab injector that I locked down on top of the hole. This non-repellant application is carried back to the nest by the workers where it will be transferred like a virus to the other termites. Soon, the entire termite colony will be killed. This home will now be protected against termite damage from this underground nest.

Work Requests From Hightstown, NJ
Woods Rd in Hightstown
Can hear animals running around upstairs, probably in the crawl space. We live in a wooded area.
Hagemount Avenue in Hightstown
There are bats living behind shutters at my house.
Pebble Road in Hightstown
We have a hornet nest on the garage door. Its smaller than a tennis ball.We would like to have it removed soon. Please give us an estimate. So we can have it removed as soon as possible. Thank You
Evergreen Dr in Hightstown
Yesterday afternoon, I heard burrowing noises in my attic. There are a ton of squirrels around outside, so I believe they've gotten in somehow. I heard these sounds last week as well, but was hoping it'd go away. Alas, it has not. I would like them to be humanely removed. Thanks.
Fryer Ct in Hightstown
I need a preventive termite treatment, because I am selling my condo. The buyers want to make sure there are no termites present.